Hampton University Bans Business Majors from Wearing Cornrows and Dreadlocks →

What do you think?

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  2. toohunnit answered: i think they get alot of money from “the man” and are just doing what they’re told, what a good nigga should do. (obviously being sarcastic)
  3. emilelaborates answered: To be biased, I dont mind so much the ban on cornrows. Reason being they are out of style, AND, have been associated with negativity.
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    i remember my hbcu professor in my business major dept, who in not so many words told us natural hair whether it was...
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    Hampton is about 30-40 minutes away from my college and I heard that they were strict, like 1950s-strict—specifically...
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    One must consider how many black CEO’s (of all sexes) exist in this country and how many of them are also in public...
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    This has been the standard for MBA students since forever…I don’t see a problem with it…what CEO do you know that has...
  22. archeralli answered: wth!? how can that even be allowed?!
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  25. artaaron answered: research the founders of Hampton U., to get a better understanding of what goes on!
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    —get the entire fuck.. White supremacy in action..